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How to Get Taylor Momsen Hair Color

how to get taylor momsen hair color
Taylor Momsen’s natural hair color is dirty blonde, thought she is best known for her platinum blonde looks. When she began acting on Gossip Girl in 2007, she had mid back length dirty blonde hair. Her look was very natural. In the beginning of 2008, she cut her hair to shoulder length.

Her hair is parted far to her right side, and she has some shorter layers in the front that sweep across her face. She wore her hair either straightened or in loose waves. In September 2008, she kept her hair the same length but lightened it to platinum blonde and added bangs and lots of choppy razor-cut layers. At first she wore this hair style straight, but in 2009 she started wearing it wavy.

In the summer of 2009 she added extensions to her hair and it has been progressively getting longer and longer since. Currently she wears her hair wavy most of the time, but she sometimes wears it in a messy straight style. Taylor Momsen is known for her music, dark clothes, and of course her signature dark make up.

Taylor is always seen in head turning outfits, she will usually wear a long **** some kneee high sock snad no shorts.
Staple Items:
Fashion Tights
Black sheer tights
pull over the knee- socks in black, creme, burgundy
fishnet tights
rose tights
She always always wears some sort of tights or leg wear but usually not a lot of pants and shorts.
For a More Wearable look try one of these combos:
Long oversized shirt or chunky sweater with tights and ankle boots
Long oversized shirt or chunky sweater with knee high socks or tights
Extremely distressed black skinny jeans and a rock and roll crop top or band shirt
Extremely distressed black shorts and a button down dark wash flannel with bold statement jewelry
Another Wardrobe Essential is Taylor’s Statement Jewelry
She is always wearing a cuff bracelet, like a metal cuff, a leather studded bracelet, or a series of chain and spike bracelets. You want a lot of jewelry with metal hardware in it.
Rings are very important to Taylor’s look, she is always wearing one or two or three metallic rings on her hands. Its a simple accessory that you can add to any outfit and make a statement without looking like your trying to hard.
Forever 21 Is a great place to buy statement rights.
Simple plain metal rings,m studded rings, or rings with rocks are always a nice look for any outfit.

Nails: Taylor is always rocking a dark nail look. Dark red, red, metallic, gunmetal, grey, black, and silver. Are all very good nail colors, when in doubt a nude nail color is always a great color to rock
Hair: Taylor has had many hairstyles over the years but her signature long platinum Blonde fringed bangs and her long extension like hair is always an easy and wearable look. Regardless of hair color. Taylor always had this just tussled hair look. Never too straightened or curled. Very loose, and wavy. You can either wear your hair its natural way for this or straighten pieces towards to top and curl loosely the pieces at the ends.
Taylor all and all has a very very effortless look

Make Up: this is probably the most important part of Taylor look. Like the pictures above, Taylor rocks the darkest of dark eye make up.
For this look you can wear this a few ways for a wearble look.
You can instead of making a complete blackout eye like Taylor, you can wear a softer but dramatic brown smokey eye, as an everyday alternative. This gives the same dramatic effect but in a more natural and wearable way Or you can tight line your eyes in black liner and smudge out the outer corners with darker liner and eyeshdaow for a messy black liner look.

Top both these look wioth your blackest mascara
You can pair these looks with taylor"s signature dark red lipstick or for those who are a bit intimidated by wearing a dark red every day you can wear a nude or mauve pink color. something soft that wont take away from the eyes.

Taylor ususaly wears no blush and a very pale but clear completion
You can use a high light to bring more glow to your face instead of a blush.
All and all Taylor’s look can be a very wearable look when you choose a couple traits instead of the full look. Just remember

Its all about how you rock it


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