Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jessica Chastain Hairstyle

Jessica Chastain is an American theater, film and television actress. She is best known for her roles in the films Zero Dark Thirty, The Help, The Debt, Take Shelter, Coriolanus, The Tree of Life, and Lawless.

The flame haired beauty recently lamented over how some people still tease her for her hair colour in a steamy spread in British GQ. 'You Brits are usually so mean to your redheads. Why is that?' Chastain asked. 'In America it’s seen as a good thing. Look at Julia Roberts – she’s cool, right? I was working in Thailand and I’d be walking down the street and people – British people – would stop the car and scream, "ginger!" at me.' Source:

Jessica isn’t the only actress to go for a drastic hair makeover for a role. Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron have all shaved their heads to get into character, as have Demi Moore and Cate Blanchett. Oh, and who could forget Kristen Stewart's mullet 'do for her role as '80s rocker Joan Jett? And we thought we were brave for getting a fringe!

Unlike Jessica, who seemed unfazed by her major makeover, Anne has said that getting her Les Miserables buzz cut left her in tears, poor lamb. She said: “I’ve now done back-flips out of windows, I’ve jumped off buildings. And cutting my hair reduced me to, like, mental patient-level crying. I was inconsolable.”

Click through our gallery to see more movie stars who’ve gone for the chop for a movie role. We applaud them all for their fearlessness, but do have to ask – why not just wear a wig? (