Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Curlformers Review

Curlformers are a hair curlers that work in a way that reminds me of slap bracelets.  They can be straightened out (though they don't stay straight on their own), and then roll back up into a twist.  They are a hollow mesh flattened tube.  The trick is to insert a long hook into the tube, push it all the way through the other end, hook a piece of hair, pull the hook so the hair goes inside, then release the end of the Curlformer so it wraps up. After the hair has set for a while, you simply pull the curler off the hair.
(These pictures are from an old post for an updo.)  The curls are soft and pretty.  I have tried putting them on dry hair, and even after sleeping the whole night, they do not hold very long.  It is best to use them in damp hair with some sort of product in it like mousse.  Even then the curls will not last as long as rag curls.  The best thing about Curlformers is that they are the fastest way to curl hair I know of (if you don't count the time you have to leave them in).  They are faster than rollers, rags, or curling irons, and of course it's better for your hair to choose a no heat option.

There are a few cons.  Sometimes they hurt a bit putting them in because the hair can get pulled too tight on the hook and with the rubber ends of the curlers.  Also, if you try to use too big of a section of hair, you can get the hair and hook stuck in the middle of the tube.  Curlformers are very expensive!  When I first heard of them, I was excited to try them out until I discovered how much they cost.  You can buy a whole kit for a somewhere around $60 or so, but I don't remember really how much.  I elected to get a refill pack and a hook to start of.  The refill pack has only 6 curlers.  I think it was about $13 or so...  I waited until I had a really good coupon, and I got them at half price.  Then several months later I bought another six with another good coupon.  I am gradually building up my supply.

Belle does not complain about them while she is sleeping when there are only a few, but I think she may have a hard time with a whole head full of them all night.  I can't sleep with anything in my hair, personally.


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